Contemporary, visionary architecture


Weber Arquitectos is a firm specializing in architectural projects, interior architecture and furniture/fixtures design operating under the direction of Fernando Weber, architect and firm founder (in 2002) and Anina Schulte-Trux, an interior architect who joined the firm as partner in 2004 and whose presence adds a new dynamic to the firm’s work.

At Weber, we resolve specific design problems with our signature style, while always focused on client desires and requirements. Our projects include residential, office and public spaces.   

Balance and Sobriety

Our work seeks balance between integration into the natural environment and a sense of privacy.

A young firm, we take on challenges and propose responses whose protagonists are individuals and the environments they inhabit. We relish the entire process, from design to construction, oversight and architectural execution, interior and furniture/fixture design.

The Challenges

We like to think that every new project is a complete unknown. We feel energized when we take on the challenges. It lets us offer options and innovations to clients in accord with each project’s originally established parameters.

Our work is distinguished by a re-discovery of local materials as well as these materials’ use within constructions. We favor warm, welcoming environments both in residential interior design and in office and corporate projects. With commissions, budget has never been an impediment to the realization of something imaginative and daring.

The Future

“The most successful project is the one that has yet to come.” It’s an idea that guides our proposals and expresses how we see both the present and the future.

We recognize that every problem and every situation is always different because of the challenges it presents. This allows us to not only avoid identifying our work with any pre-determined style, but also lets us start our own proprietary construction projects from scratch—certain of their growth potential, since growth is our mission as well.

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